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Protect your best interests with experienced legal support for any real estate transaction.

Wisconsin Law Firm for Individual & Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Our attorneys offer exceptional counsel to businesses, families and individuals in all facets of real estate transactions and construction law.

Many different complications during the real estate transaction process can cause a purchase to fall through. Real estate transactions can be complex and create a stressful experience for those unfamiliar with the process. Niebler Pyzyk has the experience to help you successfully close any deal.

Our real estate legal experience ranges from individual home purchases to multi-million dollar commercial buildings. We understand the issues that arise when you move your family and the complexities involved when purchasing a commercial property or building that is the foundation of your business’ continued success.

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Tax Planning for Real Estate Transactions

Our diverse legal knowledge lets us help you understand and plan for the potential tax effects of purchasing or selling real estate. Whether you have concerns about the transfer tax on a home purchase or how to report proceeds for the sale of a commercial property on your individual or business tax return, the real estate lawyers of Niebler Pyzyk will help you with effective tax planning for real estate transactions.

Real Estate Forms

Nielber Pyzyk real estate transaction attorneys represent both real estate buyers and sellers to review, draft or negotiate necessary contracts and documents for residential or commercial real estate transactions including:

Whether you’re acquiring, financing, selling or leasing real estate in Wisconsin, our real estate lawyers will ensure a smooth transaction and provide fair solutions to any problems arising during the process.

Wisconsin Real Estate Transfers

Whether you’re transferring ownership of real estate as part of divorce proceedings, estate planning or simply an informal transaction between relatives or trusted friends, the real estate attorneys of Niebler Pyzyk will help you navigate Wisconsin’s real estate laws to ensure a successful conveyance.

Our experienced real estate lawyers will help you with whatever real estate transaction you have by:

The type of deed, mortgage or similar document are important factors when buying or selling real estate. Transferring property is a significant action, and an experienced attorney will provide invaluable insight into the impact of your decisions.

Experienced Real Estate Transaction Lawyers with Reasonable Rates

Commercial and individual real estate are often a company’s or an individual’s largest investment. We will help guide you through the acquisition or sale to protect your investment. Niebler Pyzyk takes pride in providing affordable legal support for Wisconsin businesses and individuals at reasonable rates while easing financial stress.

Consult a real estate transaction attorney at Niebler Pyzyk and feel secure moving forward.
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