Life Insurance Lawyers for Wisconsin Residents

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Most people don’t consider consulting a lawyer before purchasing a life insurance policy. However, life insurance can be and often is an integral part of estate planning.

An experienced attorney can ensure the life insurance you purchase appropriately fits into an estate plan and takes care of your loved ones when you can no longer do so.

Niebler Pyzyk helps individuals and families across Wisconsin select the right life insurance policy for their unique needs; and ensures your plans include desired details such as: the payment of death taxes and/or accumulated debt, funding business buyout agreements, and even taking care of educational expenses.

Having a lawyer help incorporate a life insurance policy into your estate plan could save you money and ensure your family is taken care of should tragedy strike.

Life insurance planning should be done in tandem with tax and retirement planning, with all three designed to work with and be incorporated into an estate plan.

Contact an experienced estate planning attorney and get the most value out of your life insurance plan.
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