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Legal support for business formation with reasonable rates

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Our experienced business lawyers help new Wisconsin businesses flourish without excessive legal fees.

Whether your business is just beginning, moving, or reorganizing, the professional legal team at Niebler Pyzyk can navigate this challenging legal process for you. Businesses around Wisconsin have formed, reorganized, and flourished with assistance from our law firm.

Starting your business can be an exciting time, but navigating a new world of legal terms and processes can be daunting. Whether you need legal assistance with the formation of a partnership or forming an LLC, our attorneys will guide you through the process. Having an experienced law team can ensure your business is prepared for success.

Niebler Pyzyk's corporate lawyers will help you structure your business efficiently and effectively. We have vast experience helping entrepreneurs to understand the differences between C corporations and S corporations, establishing limited liability companies, partnerships, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a small business lawyer in Milwaukee, new to Wisconsin, and need help navigating our state’s unique business laws, or you have an existing business and need advice on operations or reorganization, Niebler Pyzyk can help.

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Experienced startup lawyers help your new business start on solid ground

The idea of finding and hiring a lawyer for your business startup can be daunting, but it can be crucial for success. The experienced commercial law attorneys of Niebler Pyzyk will guide you through the formation of your business entity in order to protect your personal liability and plan for a successful future.

If you are forming a business with one or more partners, it’s essential to clearly establish the ownership and equity rights (and expectations) of each person from the start. A business lawyer can help you get your startup off the ground in the Milwaukee area based on strong relationships and solid practices.

Why startups are smart to lawyer up

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Affordable legal support from Niebler Pyzyk prepares your new business for a successful future.

Do you need a lawyer to start a business? Technically, no. Should you consult an experienced business attorney to give your startup the best chance of succeeding? Absolutely.

The real value of working with a business attorney with your startup is knowing things are being done right. Money invested in knowledgeable legal counsel, in the beginning, can save your new business a great deal of money, time, and complications in the long run.

A business attorney can benefit and add value to your new business startup in several ways, including:

Partnering with a business attorney means you can spend your time focusing on other aspects of your new business instead of learning about myriad legal issues and processes. The Niebler Pyzyk law firm has extensive experience in all areas of commercial law and can advise you on your legal priorities and appropriate first steps based on your specific situation.

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Affordable legal services and guidance for busy entrepreneurs

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Our startup lawyers focus on the best interests & profitability of your new business.

One reason new business owners may delay seeking legal help is not knowing where to begin; we do.

From choosing a business structure and trademarking a business name to identifying potential risks and opportunities, our experienced corporate lawyers will provide answers to questions you may not even know to ask.

The attorneys at Niebler Pyzyk have unrivaled experience in all aspects of business law and will help you establish your new business with your best interests in mind. Professional legal counsel early on can help propel your startup towards efficient and profitable operations in the future.

Milwaukee-area business startup lawyers with reasonable fees

The range for hourly rates among business law firms handling startups is huge. In general, law firms made up of dozens of lawyers or located downtown in a major city will be more expensive. We pride ourselves on providing skilled legal services to new business owners for very reasonable rates.

Whether you’re looking for a tech startup lawyer, healthcare startup lawyer, or e-commerce startup advice, the business attorneys of Niebler Pyzyk offer the best value. Having a local attorney by your side when starting a new business not only helps prevent many common pitfalls, it means you don’t need to scramble to find legal advice every time a new issue or question comes up.

Niebler Pyzyk is a first-class, full-service law firm conveniently located in Menomonee Falls, about 25 minutes from Milwaukee. Our business attorneys have vast experience handling highly complex corporate cases and provide an unmatched value to people with business startups.

Common questions about starting a business in Wisconsin

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Our law firm handles practically every aspect of business law, from commercial real estate to tax planning & more.

Our experienced business lawyers provide valuable advice for entrepreneurs starting a business in Milwaukee or elsewhere in Wisconsin. Most new businesses fail within the first five years, and having a solid legal foundation for your new enterprise can mitigate many risks not to mention save time and money as your small business grows.

What is the best legal structure for my business?

Typically when starting a new business people choose a:

There is no single right or wrong answer for all startups. Though forming a corporation or limited liability company may cost more and is more complex (compared to a sole proprietorship) it can provide valuable protection to the owners’ personal assets and will allow the flexibility to bring in outside investors or secure the most favorable tax rates.

Our experienced business attorneys will explain the pros and cons of different business structures to help you determine what’s best for your business. Your first choice in legal structure isn’t necessarily permanent. As your business matures or changes, an experienced lawyer can advise you on converting to a different business form if necessary.

How can I start a small business online?

More and more entrepreneurs are choosing to start a business or a side business online. Starting a business online is very attractive because of typically lower startup costs, flexible hours, and the ability to work from any location.

However, just like with any new business venture, it’s extremely important to comply with all local, state, and federal laws to protect your online business and yourself.

Niebler Pyzyk's business formation services will address any questions or concerns you may have about starting a new business online and provide practical advice to protect your best interests.

How can I protect intellectual property in my startup?

Business startups can use copyrights, trademarks, and patents to prevent the competition from infringing on your IP rights. In most cases, entrepreneurs want to protect their business name, logo(s), software, and/or inventions.

New businesses are often driven by a new idea, process, or product – the key is making your new idea successful by protecting IP so your startup can grow and become profitable.

Can a lawyer help with startup financing?

Business startup lawyers can help entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of funding their new business successfully and legally formalizing financial arrangements.

There are several funding options open to new businesses including small business grants, loans, promissory notes, equity financing, and debt financing.

Whether you’re considering personal investment, commercial loans, government programs, business partners, or outside investors, our business lawyers will evaluate your situation and provide valuable legal advice. It’s crucial for new business owners to clearly understand not only the terms under which funding is received, but the operational, tax, and compliance requirements it may entail.

A startup lawyer can also assist with negotiating deals, drafting or reviewing contracts and loan transaction agreements, and compliance with all applicable laws.

Can a startup lawyer help me with commercial real estate questions?

Our team of attorneys has extensive experience in all aspects of both transactional and real estate law. From real estate startups to choosing the right commercial lease (at the right time) for any new business, Niebler Pyzyk law firm will work with you to find the optimal business formation or commercial real estate solution.

Real estate startups (especially real estate tech startups) are changing the way people rent, buy, sell and invest in all types of real estate.

Whether you want to create your own real estate brokerage or launch the next revolutionary online platform for real estate transactions, Niebler Pyzyk law firm has the experience and resources to provide invaluable advice at every step. Our lawyers can also assist with reviewing commercial leases or purchases to protect your short and long-term interests.

What are the most common legal issues for startups?

There seems to be no end to the types of lawsuits filed against new and established businesses alike. The best way to protect yourself and your startup is to do everything possible to avoid involvement in a lawsuit from the beginning.

Typically the most frequent lawsuits involving startups come from customers, vendors, employees, or other businesses.

Founder disputes can happen when co-founders of new businesses work on business plans and develop ideas or products before legally forming a company and securing intellectual property protection.

Harassment and wrongful termination lawsuits are some of the most common for startups and small businesses, usually based on an alleged violation during the hiring or employment process.

Commercial litigation attorneys at Niebler Pyzyk have extensive experience representing businesses of all sizes. Our lawyers will work hard to protect your business from potential legal disputes, and resolve conflicts while minimizing disruption to your life and business goals.

Personalized legal counsel and new business services without financial stress

We listen to you first to learn about the vision you have for your business so that we can help you make the best decisions on how to take your first steps towards achieving that vision.

Our business lawyers work with integrity, keeping the focus on your best interests and the profitability of your new business. Decades of experience with all areas of commercial law allow us to provide cost-effective legal services for small business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin area.


When starting a small business there are a number of complicated legal areas including:

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Our Milwaukee startup lawyers serve the greater Milwaukee area from our Menomonee Falls law firm including West Bend, Mequon, Germantown, Brookfield, Waukesha, West Allis & the surrounding cities.

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