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Our experienced probate lawyers help Milwaukee area individuals resolve probate disputes.

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Are you challenging a will in Wisconsin? People named in the current or a previous will as a beneficiary, an executor or a trustee all have authority to challenge a will in Wisconsin. Trustees, personal representatives, creditors, or beneficiaries may find themselves at odds with each other in estate, trust or probate matters - but Niebler Pyzyk’s probate lawyers can help. Your Niebler Pyzyk lawyer will ask the right questions and find solutions to make sure your loved one’s wishes are honored.


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Why You Need a Lawyer for a Contested Will or Trust

If it appears the people in charge are not following the estate plan, or if a beneficiary is making demands or taking actions inconsistent with the estate plan, do not wait to challenge the will. Challenging the will after it is admitted into probate is significantly more difficult. Contact our trusted contested wills and probate lawyers for guidance.

Niebler Pyzyk probate lawyers have extensive experience handling probate and estate administration including probate litigation, property in probate, taxes, guardianship, fiduciary bonds, and contested probate cases.

Our probate attorneys have experience with:

With over 7 decades of experience in estate planning and probate law, Niebler Pyzyk law firm can handle any estate administration or litigation issue which may arise.

What is contested probate?

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Our experienced probate litigators will guide your case toward a successful outcome.

Contested probate is when a party interested under a will contests some provision within a will or the validity of the will itself. Examples of contests that could develop include a challenge where a beneficiary challenges either the distribution of assets or the appointed representative of the estate.

In some contested probate cases an heir may challenge the validity or accuracy of a will or claim a will has been destroyed. Whenever a will is contested, no matter the reason, formal proceedings are required by law.

Niebler Pyzyk probate attorneys work to validate wills and trusts, verify heirs and resolve probate disputes responsibly.

Common Types of Probate Disputes

Fees for a contested probate

Attorney fees for contested probate cases are based on an hourly rate. The total amount can vary widely depending on the complexity of the case.

Our probate lawyers have the experience and resources of much larger firms, without the exorbitant fees that can discourage beneficiaries from getting the legal help they need.

Contact us for a contested probate consultation and for more information on the probate process, a case evaluation, and the potential costs of moving forward.

Trusted Probate Lawyers Serving Milwaukee & Southeastern, WI

Navigating the complexity of Wisconsin probate court can be overwhelming, even more so if you’ve recently lost a loved one. Experienced probate attorneys at Niebler Pyzyk are prepared to manage any probate or estate dispute which may arise.

We will protect your rights and interests, manage communication with the courts and other attorneys and guide you through a contested probate towards a successful outcome.

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