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Take care of the “what ifs” with a marital property agreement and put your mind at ease.

Voluntary marriage contracts between spouses can have many benefits, and skilled legal counsel is crucial before either party signs anything.

It’s increasingly common for Wisconsin couples to use a prenuptial agreement as a financial planning tool. This is especially true of individuals marrying later in life or for the second or third time.

A skillfully written prenup or post-marital agreement can save a great deal of stress and expense if divorce becomes inevitable. Marital property agreements may also require changes to estate planning provisions.

Our experienced attorneys understand Wisconsin law on prenuptial agreements and what questions to ask in order to create an effective marital property agreement customized to your unique situation.

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Prenuptial agreements: managing marital property on your own terms

Wisconsin is a marital property state, which means that under most circumstances even the property each person acquired before marriage becomes marital property unless a prenuptial agreement is signed.

Prenuptial agreements not only protect individual interests and assets, they give couples the power to opt-out of some or all Wisconsin marital property law requirements.

In the event of divorce or death, this contract defines how property and support are handled. Without a prenuptial agreement, your assets are subject to the ruling of the family court.

A couple may choose a prenup:

No matter the reason for a prenup, professional legal assistance is essential. Don’t let an oversight nullify the agreement. Our attorneys will make sure your interests and property are protected.

Postnuptial agreements

A postnuptial agreement or post-marital agreement is the same type of contract, created after marriage.

Common reasons couples choose a postnup often include circumstances where the financial status of either spouse changes significantly, due to an inheritance, sale of a business, investment income adjustment, or a change in career.

In certain cases, a post-marital agreement can be used to resolve a conflict over lifestyle, finances, or infidelity (as long as both parties are open to the idea).

Meeting legal requirements for prenuptial agreements in Wisconsin

Both pre- and postnuptial agreements are only valid if certain requirements are met, including complete financial disclosures from both individuals and voluntary consent to the agreement. Make sure your marital property agreement is fair and enforceable by discussing your situation with an experienced attorney.

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